Update commonmark.org

Currently at the bottom of commonmark.org, it states:

With your help, we plan to announce a finalized 1.0 spec and test suite in early 2016.

It might be useful to update this, as it gives the impression that this project has stalled.


I’m not 100% clear on this myself — is there a revised timeline for a 1.0?

See @jgm’s response in this similar topic:

I’ll try to find some time to make more progress soon. In the mean time, I think revising the website is a good idea (@codinghorror), even if it means replacing the falsified prediction with something vague for now.

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OK, I’ve changed it to 2017. If we need to move it to 2018 or later let me know. I checked the homepage (and /help) against the W3C validator and it is clean, so there’s nothing else I could think of to change.

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