Fast away the old year passes

Seems our homepage’s last paragraph is in need of a chronological update.

When is the spec final?

The current version of the CommonMark spec is complete, and quite robust after a year of public feedback … but not quite final.

With your help, we plan to announce a finalized 1.0 spec and test suite in early 2016.

<3 (Accessed January 16, 2017)


Yes that’s true cc @jgm :wink:

The task was more difficult than we knew then, and my time has been limited. We’ve made lots of progress on the spec, we have some very high-quality implementations that are getting good use (including in industry), and hopefully we’re converging on something that could be called 1.0.

(Anyway, I take no responsibility for the wording that you quote: that was all @codinghorror!)

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OK! I’ve updated the website to say 2017. Let me know if we should change it to 2018 or later @jgm.

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It’s that time of year again. :slight_smile: The home page still predicts, “we plan to announce a finalized 1.0 spec and test suite in 2018.”


All updated now, thanks @edward.brey

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Another year has passed…

Considering that the original version of that sentence talked about “early 2016”, maybe there should be no indication of an ETA. But I’ll leave that to you.

I would suggest that instead of an ETA, the front page should
cite some accomplishments. E.g., implementations in N languages,
adoption of (extended) commonmark by GitHub, GitLab, Swift,
Qt, reddit (with some transitional compatibility quirks),

But I don’t control that page, @codinghorror does.


Sure, I’ll edit that soon. We have a lot of downtime now… :microbe:

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OK! I’ve edited the page at – scroll to the bottom and see what you think @jgm

The current version of the CommonMark spec is quite robust after many years of public feedback.

There are currently CommonMark implementations for dozens of programming languages, and the following sites and projects have adopted CommonMark:

  • GitHub
  • GitLab
  • Swift
  • Qt
  • Reddit
  • Discourse

I figure it’s best to get rid of version promises and years. Anything else I should add? Stay safe, everyone. :pray:

@codinghorror Stack Overflow and all other Stack Exchange websites switched to CommonMark a few days ago.

That’s huge, you might want to add that. :slight_smile:


That is fantastic news! :tada: I’ve updated the website and put the <ul> into alphabetic order by site.


More good news:

Google Docs now supports Markdown!