Is it fine to advertise my wrapper library project?

I wrote an Objective-C library which wraps reference C implementation. I like to post a link to mine, but I am not sure whether it is welcome to this site or not. Can someone confirm on this? Also, if it is fine, should I post it in Implementation category? It would be nice to see a list of projects like

Maybe a silly question, but I am new to this community, and I am not a native English speaker. And I am worrying about being rude… so I like to be sure on this.

To be clear, you’re describing an Objective-C library that implements CommonMark (by wrapping the C implementation of CommonMark), right?

I can’t imagine that being seen as inappropriate if it’s an announcement rather than an advertisement. The invitation to implement CommonMark is clear, and the BSD3 license its been distributed under is extremely permissive. I would suggest it go under the Implementation category.

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Yes. My library is just an Objective-C interface to the reference C library, and is not intending anything else. It just provides CommonMark on Objective-C. (and possibly Swift)

It’s vague that this wrapper is actually implementing the spec or not… because this wrapper is containing inter-operational code rather than core algorithms. But in functionality perspective, yes, this does.

Thanks. I posted mine here: I wrote an Objective-C wrapper library