I wrote an Objective-C wrapper library


I just like to show and share my work. I hope here’s an appropriate place for this.

My project: https://github.com/Eonil/CommonMark

This is an Objective-C wrapper library around reference C implementation. Original C code is embedded into the project for simple and stable build. I tried to provide internal AST as much as possible.

If you find something wrong (bugs, license violations, bad manners or etc.), please let me know. Thanks.


Is it fine to advertise my wrapper library project?

I don’t know Objective-C, but I think what you’ve done looks fine.

You might consider organizing it under a single top-level directory (like .oc, I’m not sure) so that it can be wrapped into the structure of @jgm’s repository the base implementation is found in.



Thanks for care. Can you explain a little more? I am not very familiar with community conventions, and I am having trouble to get what you really intended…



I haven’t looked at this in detail, but the first thing that I noticed is the long prefix, e.g. the “CommonMark” in “CommonMarkError”. Usually, in Objective-C, there is a three-letter prefix.

Have you considered doing a Swift version as well?



Yes. I like to write a Swift version wrappers as soon as I can make some free time. I agree on the too-long name stuff, and thinking about typedefs or renaming.