Fast away the old year passes


Seems our homepage’s last paragraph is in need of a chronological update.

When is the spec final?

The current version of the CommonMark spec is complete, and quite robust after a year of public feedback … but not quite final.

With your help, we plan to announce a finalized 1.0 spec and test suite in early 2016.

<3 (Accessed January 16, 2017)


Yes that’s true cc @jgm :wink:


The task was more difficult than we knew then, and my time has been limited. We’ve made lots of progress on the spec, we have some very high-quality implementations that are getting good use (including in industry), and hopefully we’re converging on something that could be called 1.0.

(Anyway, I take no responsibility for the wording that you quote: that was all @codinghorror!)

CommonMark on OpenCollective

OK! I’ve updated the website to say 2017. Let me know if we should change it to 2018 or later @jgm.