CommonMark on OpenCollective


Continuing the discussion from Fast away the old year passes:

I think CommonMark would fit very well on

It’s basically Patreon for open source projects. If the original supporting orgs chipped in at the $250/month Sponsor level, that’d be enough to cover a small monthly sprint.

  • $250 from Meteor
  • $250 from GitHub
  • $250 from Reddit
  • $250 from StackExchange
  • $250 from Discourse

= $1250/month

GitHub, StackExchange and Reddit might even be able to push that a bit further :wink: And I’m sure quite a few individuals would be happy to chip in as well.

what say ye, @jgm & @codinghorror?


Unlikely, the issue is not lack of money so much as lack of people with the right skill set and background to assist.