Emphasis Delimiter Parsing Difference with Hard Linebreaks

The emphasis delimiters * and _ are parsed differently when proceeded by a hard linebreak. For example, compare the ASTs of


http://spec.commonmark.org/dingus/?text=__strong__\ next



http://spec.commonmark.org/dingus/?text=**strong**\ next

Only the latter, with the ending ** delimiter, is parsed as strong emphasis. The former is parsed into three text elements: [’__’, ‘strong’, ‘__’]. Why?

I can’t tell from the spec whether this – admittedly surprising – result is intentional or not.

Asterisks work inside words, underscores do not. A forced line break should clearly count as a word boundary and therefore this is a bug.

@Crissov Is this a confirmed bug? I.e. shall I fix it?

All Commonmark implementations except commonmark.js agree on this, see Babelmark.

Now filed as an issue at Github:


Thank you for creating a Github Issue, Christoph.