Daily post limit

So I’m not sure if I can post this thread, if yes, I’m lucky, otherwise I have to think of something else…

When I try to post to any topic (tried multiple, have multiple drafts open now >_<), I get the following error message:

We have a daily limit on how many times that action can be taken. Please wait 11 hours before trying again.

So, there apparently is a daily limit on how many posts you can do? So I do consider myself active here, but 20 posts isn’t that much in a single day, especially for a project with such activity. So can we get that increased please? (tbh. I don’t actually get why there is such a limit anyway; such things should only be enabled once the number of posts become a problem)

edit: Interesting. I can post a new thread. This does not really make any sense but I’m somewhat glad… :S

Since I still cannot reply for another 7 hours, I’ll have to edit this to answer…

It would help if the actual error message said this somewhere.

Also, I don’t think this is an appropriate limit, as it clearly cripples new users from engaging with the community. It’s a terrible user experience trying to reply to a post that addresses me personally, and being told after writing the message that I can’t post it for another 11 hours.

You were still a new user – new users are limited to 20 replies (and 10 topics) in their first day, defined as the 24 hour period after account creation.

Which makes sense, as the entire site was less than a day old.