Daily post limit (II)

Same thing here (it’s 16 hours)…

I can’t even (privately) message moderators to report or ask something.

Question: Is there a limit after the 1st day? If so, which?

(Sorry for starting new topic – there was no other way to give myself some final sentences for today.)

I suspect that the solution to this is to read a little more:

It explicitly states that Basic users:

have all new user restrictions removed

No, there are additional restrictions that apply for the first 24 hours after registration.


That does not really fit the fact that I got the “basic user” badge before I hit that daily cap.

And my point stands that this is a terrible user experience for new users. After keeping my browser open for 11 hours yesterday just to send the posts I had already written, my desire to continue enganging was literally at zero.

I understand that Discourse wants to avoid misuse from new users, but I think assuming good faith is a lot more healthy for a community that wants to grow.

My thoughts exactly.

Same feeling overcame me last night.

Sorry about that @pdfkungfoo and @poke! I’ll increase it to 40 for now.

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