Can you fill-in the big blank space next to the MD logo?

Most of the time on this site, when I first view a topic there is a big blank space next to the M↓ logo.

It seems like this begs for use, and I think a little promotion of other sites is in order. For example a link to help-like content like found at would be very appropriate, but probably more important would be putting the text “CommonMark” somewhere.

Perhaps the help link should be linked to a discourse logo at the right.

Sort of like this maybe?

Yes, sort of.

But I notice that even on, when I scroll down the list, the area to the right of the icon goes blank. It seems like keeping these sort of links visible would be better.

Ok, I finally had time to get this done. So there are extra nav links when you are at the top.

Is there a way to avoid overlap while the topic is loading? Topics can take a while to load on my connection.

I “fixed” that by removing the Loading indicator as the title… we already have the spinner so I figured, rely on it.

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