What feedback should be here vs. on GitHub?

This is a companion discussion site for the CommonMark spec and reference implementations on GitHub.

So you might wonder – which place should I post feedback to?

If you have a specific, straightforward bug or fix, things that are not controversial or subject to interpretation and opinion, open as a GitHub issue:

  • you misspelled this word
  • this code has a bug in the following conditions (repro steps…)
  • performance can improve 10% with the following change (benchmark…)

If you have an open ended issue that will require extended discussion and deliberation to arrive at a solution or conclusion, do it here:

  • traditional 4 space indent code blocks should be replaced entirely by fenced code blocks
  • the following additional test cases are needed (here is why)
  • how do we resolve / clarify this ambiguity in the spec
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