What commonmark impementations out there so far?

Currently occupying the list in http://www.reddit.com/r/LightWeightMarkup/wiki/commonmark/implementations with current implementations in the field.

Just wondering if I missed anything. Btw, you can edit it directly if you are subscribed to the subreddit for now.

So far I noticed:

Remarkable - high speed pluggable implementation for javascript

AngularJS Markdown using CommonMark

If you do a search for CommonMark on GitHub, you will find both PHP and Python implementations and other ports as well.


Optimized for speed, updated to version 2 of the specification.

Optimized for extensibility, version 1 of the specification.

kk, page updated. Thanks. Didn’t cover all implementations, just the popular links. Will update it more as more development occur. Oh and if you can, don’t forget to subscribe or post any updates about your work on that subreddit as well.