We need an official commonmark wiki

I get a feeling we should have a wiki, at least to allow for a community draft of the specs, before even attempting to push our suggestion to the official github repo (Since the core team is quite busy with implementing the current specification). Also it would allow non techy types to contribute directly in speccing.

This is to avoid duplicate suggestions, and to identify any clashes early. Plus a wiki is much faster to collaboratively edit than a github push, while ensuring that the community is on the same page in terms of their thoughts of what the next spec should be like.

In addition if we ever support extensions, it will need good help documentations (or even just normal syntax). This can help as well.

(Tried reddit wiki mode, but there is a size limit I think)

recommended to be at wiki.commonmark.org . And if possible, make it possible to sign in with a discourse account.

I see a good process as this:

Discuss --> community draft wiki --> draft push --> finalizing draft --> official spec

Unless, there is a better approach?

There are not so many people, who collaborate results currently. I don’t see noticeable clashes or unconveinence now. Editing of first post is ok for me. If you think, that there is something very valuable and ready to use, you can create wiki page in stmd repo and put there link to talks thread. Or you can make PR to someone’s repo, who trask specific topics, like @mb21 does.

True, that could work. I’ll give the jgm/stmd wiki a shot. Editing of first post is really only the domain of the original poster.

Hmmm what kind of pages, might we want:

Okay, perhaps instead of a drafting spec wiki at github (that doesn’t renders properly anyway). I think it’s best if we document every unofficial specification under discussion in the community. E.g. generic directives .


Essentially, it details all the variations, and links to the relevant talk pages in here, and also tracks current implementations that extends the unofficial syntax and how it does it. This would encourage implementers to avoid diverging unnecessarily, and allows the speccers to get a good overview of the current situations and what can be included in the official specs.