Versatil Markdown for OS X just released

I’ve just released the first version of Versatil Markdown, a new Markdown editor/notebook application for OS X. And CommonMark compliant:

A hypernotebook built around Markdown/CommonMark, with 1Password integration, HTML/CSS support, syntax highlighting, frictionless keyboard flow, smart drag-n-drop insertion, multiple themes, document aliasing, and more.

Humble gratitude to the CommonMark community for their continuing effort in codifying Markdown.

If you’re interested in the app, you can find it at

Cheers, Brett


Looks very very nice.

Could you add the following:

  • OneDrive Integration.
  • Math Support (LaTeX using $ $ and $$ $$).

Thank You.

@RoyiA, thank you. I have both storing the markdown files in different locations (which would give Dropbox and OneDrive support), as well as the Math support, on my list…

That would be amazing!
Do you have a time frame?
Thank You.

@RoyiA Hopefully in the next few weeks :slight_smile:

Looks great. Any chance of a holiday sale?

Hmm, very possible…

Versatil looks neat indeed, and several of the advertised features set a standard for other Markdown apps.

I was however missing a simple “Open file” command in order to edit existing documents in Versatil. I’m pretty sure I clicked through all the menus, and even set the “Store Notes Folder In” setting to the folder where I keep .md files. I had to resort to dragging-and-dropping existing documents into the app window to continue use them in Versatil. But no edit was saved to the existing file. Weird, but maybe I was missing something.

Moreover, advertising “renders your text when you’re not editing it” is IMHO not fulfilled, because one has to switch manually between view & edit mode. I would be curious for the writing experience with an idle timer that automatically switches to viewing & back upon a keystroke.

So, my conclusion is unfortunately to keep using Sublime with MarkdownEditing, but I’m looking forward to give a future Versatile release a try.

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Cathryne, thank you for your comments.

You’re right, there is no “Open File” - Versatil is meant more of a note taking app, as opposed to an app that can edit any markdown file. That being said, I may consider adding that ability at some point.

The “renders your text when you’re not editing it” was meant to show that by default your files are rendered - most programs I’ve run across are just the opposite, you are always in “edit” mode, and you have to preview the file explicitly. But that sentence might deserve some word-smithing.

The idle timer is an interesting idea, though I would worry about whether the auto-switching between rendered/edit would be disturbing somehow, particularly if you were just thinking about your words, and it just auto-switches on you. But there might be a way to make it work.

I plan to continue evolving Versatil, so I hope you will check it out again in the future.

Cheers, Brett

Since @duozmo asked, I will be putting Versatil Markdown on sale for Cyber Monday. If you’ve been sitting on the fence (or have yet to even climb the fence), Monday might be a good time to pick up a copy.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone…
Cheers, Brett

+1 for File Open. I bought a similar locally-hyperlinked notebook app, VoodooPad, several years ago, but it fell into disuse. Most of my notes need to live alongside other content (e.g. screenshots for a bug report). There’s precedent with, e.g. Atom, which mostly focuses on projects (a folder of files), but allows one-off file opens too.

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What about Math support (Using MathJax, like StackEdit)?

Thank You.

@RoyiA MathJax support is on my short list. Thank you for reminding me!

I see…
Hopefully soon.

I’d really like to try it.

Interesting project! Would you like to add it to the list of applications supporting CommonMark?

@jkdev, thank you for pointing me to that. I’ve added Versatil Markdown

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For those interested, Versatil Markdown 2.0 has been released. It’s on sale right now until June 19th, 2017. You can check out the changes at

Thats sounds good, @digitalmoksha. Does the new version include “file open” functionality?

@buurtaal it does have a File Open function :wink:

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That looks nice! Did you write your own Markdown syntax highlighter or were you able to reuse cmark for that? :thinking: