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Hi community members:

I’m just doing the translation of current version spec ( for easy work of the 1.0 ). I will post all my problem here. Hope you can help me! :relaxed:

In Chinese language we don’t have plural nouns . We will use several methods to indicate it. So when I saw this

Any sequence of [characters] is a valid CommonMark

A character is a Unicode code point. Although some
code points (for example, combining accents) do not correspond to
characters in an intuitive sense, all code points count as characters
for purposes of this spec.

This spec does not specify an encoding; it thinks of lines as composed
of [characters] rather than bytes. A conforming parser may be limited
to a certain encoding.

In my opinion, Here the first [characters] and the last [characters] could indicate different expressions in Chinese. The first one could indicate some characters and the last one could be unit for counting in this context.

Anyone could give me some suggestions?

I think it just says input is a Unicode string not a bytestream. It’s a pointer for implementation to operate input in different levels. In other words, it’s language-agnostic.

Ah yes. It should be. But, still the problem exits.

I can’t treat these two words as the same one. Any suggestions?

If you are asking Chinese translation:

Any sequence of [characters] -> 任何字符序列
as composed of [characters]... -> 行由许多字符而非字节流组成(意)

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I think I know how to do