Tildes in info string of fenced code block

Spec. 4.5 Fenced code blocks, looks only emphasis backtick can not inside info string. What about tildes? Guess it is same with backtick.

~~~ info strong ~~~
not code block?

Thanks for pointing this out. The implementations do indeed forbid a tilde in the info string. But the spec only forbids backticks:

The info string may not contain any backtick characters. (The reason for this restriction is that otherwise some inline code would be incorrectly interpreted as the beginning of a fenced code block.)

As you can see, the reason for forbidding backticks is to ensure that you can have backtick code spans that start at the beginning of the line:

``` this is a code span, not an opening code fence ```

Getting this doesn’t actually require entirely banning backticks in info strings; we could just ban a string of backticks of length equal to the opening backticks. And backticks in an info string after a tilde code fence should be completely innocuous.

It might be worth tightening up the spec in this way, though it does make the rule a bit more complex. In any case, the spec and implementations should be brought together.

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