Texty! Things we can potentially learn from this alternative to markdown

Its always good to learn from how others standards approach this problem of text markup. Here is one project named Texy! I only highlighted a few that I noticed as interesting. But you may find others interesting in the source link below:

Interesting way to deal with line breaks without newline or \

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,
 still the same paragraph, but wrapped with element `<br>`
 using one space before
<p>Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet,<br>
still the same paragraph, but wrapped with element <code>&lt;br&gt;</code><br>
one space before</p>


/---div .[header]
  ## This is a header.
    nested div
  Texy is sexy!
<div class="header">
	<h6>This is a header.</h6>
		<p>nested div</p>
	<p>Texy is sexy!</p>

Acronym and abbrs handling

jednoslovnc: NATO((North Atlantic Treaty Organisation))
víceslovnc: "et al."((a další))
jednoslovnc: <acronym title="North Atlantic Treaty Organisation">NATO</acronym>
víceslovnc: <acronym title="a další">et al.</abbr>


  • arrows <- and -> and <->


We already do this in pandoc with the ![](){} syntax but always intersting to see how others do it. In this case they use .{} to say that a line or the line below should use these settings.

Another example .{color:blue; lang: cs}
<p style="color:blue" lang="cs">Another example</p>

The Roman Numeral ordered lists would make a nice CommonMark extension.

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Roman numerals conflict with alphabetic list markers and possibly words.

I don’t see much in Texy that would make sense to have in Markdown (extensions).

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