Tagging spec versions in GitHub repo

Would it be possible tag spec versions in GitHub?

I’m currently maintaining a PHP fork of stmd.js. I’m including jgm/CommonMark (via Composer) as a dev dependency in order to test my implementation directly against the spec. Without Git tags, I can only reference the master branch or a specific commit.

Referencing master doesn’t work because spec.txt sometimes contains new changes which aren’t part of a completed version - this results in failed builds like this one.

Although I could lock to a certain commit, I feel it would be “cleaner” and easier-to-read if I could reference the specific spec version (via it’s Git tag). This would also help reduce potential confusion caused by the CommonMark repository and http://spec.commonmark.org/ showing different content for the same “version”.

I therefore propose tagging the release of each new spec version using an annotated Git tag pushed to GitLab. This should solve the issues mentioned above.


Excellent idea. I will try to remember to do this, and if I have time, I’ll try to tag old versions too.

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Awesome, thank you!

What I’ll also do is start uploading the raw spec.txt file to
spec.commonmark.org. So, starting with 0.11, you’ll be able
to go there for either an HTML version of the spec, or the
original spec.txt that can be used for tests.

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@jgm I cannot find Git tags on the repository. Can we add some that correspond to each spec release?

I’ve added tags for versions back to 0.6.

+++ Ciro Santilli [Dec 22 14 21:38 ]:


Great! Also, if possible, please start adding separete commits for releases, with text ~ “0.14 released”.

Not critical, but convenient.