Spec 0.15 release

Now on http://spec.commonmark.org. Changes from 0.13:

  • Clarified indented code blocks. Previously the spec said, wrongly,
    that a blank line was needed between a paragraph and a following
    code block. It is only needed between a code block and a following
    paragraph (due to lazy continuations). (Thanks to textnut.)

  • Added definitions of whitespace, unicode whitespace, punctuation,
    ASCII punctuation (#108).

  • Improved rules for emphasis and strong emphasis. This improves
    parsing of emphasis around punctuation. For background see
    http://talk.commonmark.org/t/903/6. The basic idea of the change
    is that if the delimiter is part of a delimiter clump that has
    punctuation to the left and a normal character (non-space,
    non-punctuation) to the right, it can only be an opener. If it has
    punctuation to the right and a normal character (non-space,
    non-punctuation) to the left, it can only be a closer. This better handles
    cases like

    **Gomphocarpus (*Gomphocarpus physocarpus*,
     syn. *Asclepias physocarpa*)**


     **foo "*bar*" foo**
  • Added test case for link-in-link-in-image (#252).

  • Fixed broken internal references.

  • Added another example of an unclarity in the canonical Markdown
    syntax description.

  • Reworded the principle of uniformity to be more general; it applies
    to all container blocks, not just list items.

  • Added a rule for empty list items (#242).

  • Clarified precedence of empty list items over setext header lines

  • Added an example with two blank lines in fenced code in a sublist (#180).

  • Added an explicit CC-BY-SA license to the spec (#55).


I just pushed another release, 0.15, that fixes some seriously misleading typos in 0.14.

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