Reference Link Aliasing or Nesting

It has been suggested before to turn incomplete Link Reference Definitions into something more useful:

I was wondering whether it would make sense to allow multiple labels for a single link destination (and title), i.e. introduce aliases, e.g. to explicitly and implicitly link to the most recent version of a specification.


or allow reference links within reference link definitions (risking infinite loops):

[cm]: [cm29]

The latter would be useful in case the title (or another, extended attribute) should differ, but the URL should stay the same:

[foo]: foo.pdf
[bar]: [foo] "see bar section in particular"
[baz]: [foo] "see baz section in particular"

With URL Templates (RFC 6570) built-in, this would become really powerful:

[foo]: foo.pdf{#label} "see {label} section in particular"
[bar]: [foo] 
[baz]: [foo]

Basic example

Reference link aliases

* [foo][]
* [bar][]
* [baz][]
* [quz][]
* [dlr][]






[foo]: [dlr]:




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