Q&A Site on SE for Markdown


I have created a site on SE for Markup and Documentation Languages. Please join, contribute question and spread the word: http://area51.stackexchange.com/proposals/103351/markup-and-document-definition-languages?referrer=mPoyPFnA701248OcsW6BVw2


Can you explain in detail what would make the “Markup, Document Definition and Processing Languages” stand apart from Stack Overflow and Programmers?

Certainly I haven’t had much in the way of language definition questions, but that largely stems from having many great answers on those sites already. I’m not sure I understand where the need for this new site would come from.

Have you found that there is a broad category of questions on these topics that aren’t being addressed by the existing sites?

There are times where Markup Languages questions are considered not programming. Also in the case of Markdown having many flavours there is a possibility that general question may be considered too broad. Any way if community is satisfied and feels SO fully caters for all type of MD and related questions without rough corners then it is fine otherwise make this an opportunity to have a dedicated site for this.

This statement is a form of weasel words, I’d appreciate a specific example.

I never claimed to speak for anyone other than myself. Please do not assume that I represent anyone other than myself.