Problem with Math equations in text and underscores within text

2*4 = 4*2

They won’t work in Dingus.

For _file_.txt, you can escape the underscores with backslashes, e.g. \_file\_.txt


Dosen’t work , try on dingus (wroks on discourse tho?)

@chrisalley is that a Known bug? should i submit bug?

You can use backslashes to display literal asterisks as well, e.g. 2\*4=4\*2. It’s not a bug, see the Backslash escapes section of the spec.

You can also wrap the math text in an HTML tag: <span>2*4=4*2</span>

We would like to avoid html tags , thats why we using markdown.

for that case why would somone use span. we can just do with code blocks

None of that is markdown solution. They break markdown concepts of readability in plain text.

Without the escape characters there’s no way of telling the parser not to emphasise the text. Otherwise, we would need to remove the use of asterisks for emphasis; given how fundamental asterisks for emphasis is to Markdown, that’s not really an option.

Since markdown is not 1.0 , yet , shouldn’t we look into very common text patterns ? . It happens a lot when copy-pasting normal email conversations that includes numbers , formulas , and filenames.

For 2*4=4*2 case , it works perfectly fine in Discourse markdown. So it seems it is fixed in Discourse.

Non-trivial documents hit the limits of pure, core Markdown/CommonMark really early, usually when a table (especially with multi-line content), definition list, MDwiki-style admonition box, automatic table of contents, or embedded content like Mermaid or Graphviz diagrams is needed. Falling back to HTML is extremely common outside of textarea content.

Span or code blocks depends on desired presentation. Whichever applies to a given environment.

what i want to know it

  • as it is working fine in discourse , should it work also in CMD?