Possible Bug: Confusion between Examples 16 and 22 and 17

Example 22 says if you want a HR in your list use a different bullet.

If you want a horizontal rule in a list item, use a different bullet:

  • Foo
      • *
  • Foo

  • Example 16 states:
    However, no other characters may occur at the end or the beginning:
    _ _ _ _ a


    _ _ _ _ a


    This is quite confusing as it seems that “No other characters” should either be specified as no other “non list” characters, OR example 22 appears that it should have generated

  • * * *
  • Following onto this;

    It is required that all of the non-space characters be the same. So, this is not a horizontal rule:

    Example 17

    However is * — * a horizontal rule? since there are 3 contiguous?
    I would expect based on example 17 it would be


    But to be honest I’m not sure what the result will be based on the spec.