Ordered Task List

I have remarked something weird. Weird but not so stupid. It is possible to make an ordered task list! (1. [x] task ) It is weird because this thing is not specified in ghf’s mardown and not in pandoc’s markdown. I have tested the exportation with Pandoc to html, Word and LibreOffice. That works.

Ordered task list can be useful to manage priority.

It is so amazing !

Please, just add it in Pandoc’s Markdown specification.


It absolutely makes sense. Obsidian has supported it from the get-go. And I convinced the Obsidian Tasks plug-in developers to support it too.
So easy to support and very useful

This does seem like a useful extension, especially as unordered task lists are already supported in GitHub Flavored Markdown and ordered task lists in Obsidian.

@LilianBeug Perhaps you suggest this to the authors of the GitHub Flavored Markdown spec? Task lists are unlikely to be added to the core CommonMark spec since this was not a feature of (the original) Markdown.

Yes absolutely. I suggest to add this point in GitHub Flavored Markdown’s specification. Your shared like is right. And in addition, I suggest to add this point in Pandoc’s specification here: Pandoc User Guide

This extension is already functional in Pandoc. Just more documentation is required.

Remark: This extension is also taken in account in Zettlr.

Many many thanks :wink:

@jgm Please, could you confirm that ordered task list is taken in account in Pandoc.

Thank you a lot.

And thank you for your gorgeous work about Pandoc and CommonMark.