New lines not converting to bullets

Hello there!

I am using commonmark-py (based on the official commonmark.js) to convert raw markdown to html.

I have a file with the following markdown:

* level 1
** level 2
*** level 3

when I run it via

cmark -o test.html

instead of getting the 3 levels of bullets I get:

<li>line 1
** line 2
*** line 3</li>

Do you know how I can fix this? Is there something wrong with my syntax?
Thanks a lot

You’re not using commonmark syntax. Are you maybe getting confused with JIRA’s list syntax?

Multiple bullets aren’t used for nested lists.

Nested lists are indented:

* level 1
  * level 2
    * level 3


  • level 1
    • level 2
      • level 3



the shame…