Multiple blank lines inside a list

I am trying to implement the Specification 0.26. However I am confused by the following sentence (1st paragraph in the chapter about Lists):

The list items may be separated by single blank lines, but two blank lines end all containing lists.

Some paragraphs later, the specification says:

There can be any number of blank lines between items.

When I take that into account I cannot imagine any case when the 1st quoted sentence would apply.
What am I missing? Is there any example demonstrating the end of containing lists by two blank lines?

Apologies! That sentence should have been removed in 0.26 (and it has already been removed in the dev version of the spec, so the next release won’t contain it). Maybe time for an update of the spec soon.

I bumped into this recently:

It looks like the large majority of implementations allow any number of blank lines: ++++bar and indeed the reference implementation allows multiple blank lines.

Looks like 0.27 of the spec has fixed this: