MSON and API Blueprint

While not really extensions (dialects? interpreters?), I thought I’d post this here. A search for MSON didn’t bring anything and I’m sure it will interest people here if they don’t yet know about it. Here’s the Github repo with examples and the spec.

# Product
A product from Acme's catalog

## Properties

- id: 1 (number, required) - The unique identifier for a product
- name: A green door (string, required) - Name of the product
- price: 12.50 (number, required)
- tags: home, green (array[string])

This example is able to generate JSON Schema which is pretty sweet.

It’s used as part of the API Blueprint spec which is another thought provoking use of Markdown.

# GET /message
+ Response 200 (text/plain)

        Hello World!

This example is able to generate a mock API as well as of course be used for documentation.

One of the things that come out of this, is a transclusion syntax I’ve mentioned here Transclusion or including sub-documents for reuse

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