Markdown Test suites

Congratulations on the new specification and work.

Ciro Santilli has built upon something I had started for a Markdown Test Suite. It is a very good work on a comprehensive Test Suite, with a test driver. You can see the test resultsfor something around 16 implementations.

It seems not wise to duplicate the efforts. I’m wondering if we should stop our own effort on this project.

Opinions. What would be the best way forward?

I suggest examining the spec and combining any missing tests – tests you created that have no counterpart in the spec – as pull requests. That would be great!

Let’s discontinue Markdown Test Suite, and focus on merging to stmd instead, as it is better on the following points:

  • the spec is here is way more complete
  • has two (!) reference implementations
  • support of major MD players: jgm (pandoc), Atwood (ex-SO), Neil Williams (Reddit), Marti (GitHub)
  • has a domain name =)

Test quantity / quality is similar.

At a quick look, things that MTS might do better:

@codinghorror out of curiosity, was stmd developped quietly and publicized recently, or did I miss an elephant in the room? =) How did it get so much support from the big MD players? Was it @jgm who contacted you guys?

And once again, congrats on this great project.

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