Markdown linting in IDEs such as phpstorm

Ive been working in PhpStorm as my IDE of choice ever since.
Am using markdown and noticed that in vscode we can use something like markdownlint ( file where all rules are defined).

I cannot see/use it in PhpStom. Is there a way of enabling this? is the maintainer of the CommonMark standard. It is not responsible for nor has any hand in any implementations of that standard other than the reference implementations.

markdownlint is maintained by @DavidAnson. As you can see on the linked page there is a list of integrations, including one for vscode. None is listed for Jetbrain’s IDEs (e.g. PhpStorm). You could ask David (on GitHub, not here) if he knows of any integrations. You also could go into PhpStorm’s plugin management and search the plugin library for markdownlint or something equivalent.

As a last resort, if you are a coder, you could try to implement an JetBrains plugin youself :slight_smile:


To be clear, are you looking for a plugin in PhpStorm that will help you author Markdown, or that can help you lint Markdown?

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