Markdown-It for Ruby and RubyMotion

I’ve ported the Javascript package Markdown-It into Ruby, and have it packaged as a gem for use with both regular Ruby/Rails and with RubyMotion.

There are still a couple of rough edges, and the plugin system is not quite solid yet, but it successfully passes all CommonMark specs.

If you run into any problems, feel free to open an issue on Github.

Cheers, Brett


Great, add it to the list of

I’m curious, what is performance like?

+++ digitalmoksha [Mar 27 15 17:47 ]:

It’s slower right now than the original markdown-it and your commonmarker. I haven’t had a chance to do any thorough benchmarks yet, but I already know I"m not happy with the performance yet. It’s for sure very usable, but there is more work to be done for sure.