Location of GFM Spec

Github publishes documentation for their “Github Flavored Markdown” extensions to CommonMark at GitHub Flavored Markdown Spec seemingly as a fork of the CM spec (still at 2019’s v0.29). However, I’m unable to locate the source code of that fork on Github itself.
Does anyone know better where it’s located?

Based on the CommonMark spec repo the spec file is spec.txt with a corresponding spec_tests.py which is used to run the test cases in the spec. It looks like both of these files have been added (copied?) to commonmark/cmark which is what github/gfm is based on. My guess is that spec.txt is the source, rather than a generated file, but @jgm can confirm.

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Ah, so it is the last link in my post indeed. I just didn’t realize it’s the same text because it didn’t start with the note: “ This formal specification is based on the CommonMark Spec by John MacFarlane and licensed under Creative Commons BY-SA” and the ToC. It’s confusing, too, that it’s in the test directory.