Lists inside Block Quotes

Does the benefit of allowing lists inside block quotes justify the increase in complexity that it creates?

Not only does this feature make it more difficult to implement parsers, it also means that any site operator needs to consider their css. I’d argue it’s not worth it.

It also can be a gotcha for users trying to cite someone on the bottom of the last. I do like that the common mark spec allows for > -Author, but adding a space (> - Author ) creates a list.

I don’t think that lists are useful to quote conversations. They could be used to quote certain written pieces, but how common is this?

It’s used all the time when quoting specifications, which is done frequently on StackOverflow and GitHub.

Markdown wasn’t designed to be easy to program. That’s not what it’s for. Markdown is meant to make it easy to write complex content. Any argument against a feature just because it “adds complexity” is irrelevant to the greater purpose of markdown.

If you want to keep your implementation simple, stick to writing raw HTML.