List becomes header

If I type

- first

into the dingus. It makes “First” an h2 element. Is this expected?

There is no <h2> tag in the example that you linked to; I see that pasting the text exactly produces an <h2> though. This appears to be intentional since a string of characters with one or more hyphens on the next line is a setext-style header.

Is this expected?


The first line of

- first

is prefixed with a hyphen which makes a bulleted list.

The second line of


acts as a second line to the contents of the list. That means the contents of the <li> gets evaluated as


which is a setext heading for <h2>.

The permalink on the dingus doesn’t seem to know how to save this example. Bummer.

Example 63 in the spec. suggests that the hyphen should continue the list, not act as a setext header.

I don’t follow. Are you sure that Example 63 is the one you meant?

- Foo

is shown to produce

<hr />

which doesn’t “suggest that the hyphen should continue the list” in any way.

You’re right. I missed the hr at the end. Still don’t understand why an indented hyphen on the second line behaves like a header.