KeenWrite: Edit with variables

KeenWrite is my free and open-source cross-platform desktop text editor that allows users to write pose using variables defined in a separate file. A few highlights:

  • Uses flexmark-java to render Markdown as HTML.
  • Extends flexmark-java to support Pandoc’s ::: fenced div syntax.
  • Supports plain text diagrams via Kroki.
  • Computes statistics (word count, word frequencies).
  • Performs real-time spell checking.
  • Integrates the R programming language.
  • Includes a subset of TeX for math.
  • Exports to XHTML with TeX as either SVG or inline markup.
  • Exports to PDF using the ConTeXt typesetting software and a variety of starter themes.
  • Converts straight quotes to curly quotes using KeenQuotes, automagically.

See the screenshots for details and an outdated video that shows how variable definitions work.

The editor can replace all the scripts and software described in my Typesetting Markdown series.