Is there a spot in CommonMark github repo for a draft specs?

There is lots of thoughtful discussion here, and while I know that the maintainers of current CommonMark wants to hold off discussion of extentions as long as possible to work on improving current implementation.

Can we at least have a draft spec sheet where we can throw the results of our discussion towards, without affecting the current specification?

Alternatively, we could use etherpad to do collaborative drafting of the draft specification.

Specifically because I think we really need to work on a stronger and more comprehensive specification that includes things sorely missing in many website. Specifically “Tables”, “Consistent Attribute Syntax”, and “Generic Directives”. This effort can go side by side with the current strengthening of the current implementation of the current specification. (Even if it’s lacking very much compared to markdown extra and pandoc).

If we do not have the ability to write and codify a draft specification, the insights we made in the forum is likely to get lost with time. Plus, once the actual specification is ready to be modified, there is a draft specification ready to be used and improved upon before making it current.

Could discuss and draft in Etherpad and then pass it to the Github repo.

For the draft, should we also provide multiple levels of specifications? Multiple levels of CommonMark specification?

Why not just use github to fork a repro off of and use the forked spec.txt as your draft spec sheet?

P.S. Related thoughts in The case for a `<!CommonMark>` declaration tag

Could be an option, as long as it recognized as a central place to push your draft suggestions. Otherwise it would just be an unofficial draft, and an unofficial fork (leading to a similar mess for markdown).