Is a reverse conversion (HTML to Markdown) possible?

Currently, I’m investigating whether it would be possible to not convert Markdown to HTML but the other way around: HTML to Markdown.

I found this JavaScript implementation which doesn’t work very well.

So my question is:

Are you aware of a working HTML to Markdown conversion?

Pandoc works quite well. The command would be:

$ pandoc file.html -o

Thanks! You probably mean - right?

Exactly. (link fixed)

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I even found this one to make it work in C#.

Unfortunately starting a process seems way to slow for what I want to use it.

I’ll try to see whether I can migrate the related parts to C#…

I don’t know your use case, but starting a process is really not as heavy as it used to be on old hardware (test it). If you work in Haskell, you can of course use Pandoc as a library as well, without starting a process.

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Just saw that it is released under GPL, so it would not work in my case anyway (using it in a commercial software).

Too bad…

kramdown works as well.

Porting either of those on C# might be a major task, wrapping them just to call them seems better.


You can use a GPL tool with a process call in a commercial application, just not with a library call.

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Are you sure? What I understand is that I also are not allowed to bundle it within my installer.

I’m not sure about the installer, but calling a GPL process is ok as far as I know (I’m no lawyer). See here:

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I’ve also recently had success with Reverse Markdown for Ruby.

It attacked all of my 2008-2011 TinyMCE-based WYSIWYG content, which was garbled and horrendous, and output some really basic Markdown. IT was about 99% spot on when parsed by Jekyll + kramdown.

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I use ittyeditor’s JavaScript implementation. It does both MD (one flavour thereof, of course) to HTML and vice versa.

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I maintain a library written in C# to achieve this.

It is actively maintained and I happily accept contributions.

There is this css file called Markdown.css that you can apply to your html to render it to markdown.


Automate That Shit works pretty well in my experience