Irony: This forum doesn't use standard markdown

Below, I will create a fence of length 4, followed by a new line, followed by three tildes, followed by a new line, followed by a fence of length 4, which should create a code block with three tildes in it, but instead:


Correct, because the standard is still provisional… We did try to make markdown.js, which is what is used here, pass MDTest 1.1 and submitted many upstream patches to make that happen.


I don’t see the irony at all, just too-high expectation. I’m sure the future wil bring robust forum/discussion tools using CommonMark, PS what sw’s driving this board?

1 Like of course! 100% open source.

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The number 1 issue with using CommonMark here is lack Discourse specific extensions.

And the number 1 extension we need to even enable stmd.js as plugin would be some sort of support for quoting with meta data.

When I quote reply your post I get:

[quote="eanderson, post:1, topic:168"]
Below, I will create a fence

If I just quoted the text in the standard way I would see:

> Below, I will create a fence

But this contains no metadata about which post I quoted and elminates a core feature of Discourse. Figuring out syntax and support for something like the above in CommonMark would pave the way for a move. Without it we are stuck.

cc @jgm @vitaly

(on top of that we have bbcode support syntax highlighting hinting and some other stuff, but none are as critical)

I also need all this stuff for my nodeca forum. Нere was reasonable suggestion about blockquote meta. Alternative is block directives (need those for spoilers anyway)

I don’t see any technical problems, but see specification problem. What can we do to boost spec development?


Oh don’t forget the content blocks proposal Content Block/Inline Syntax as an alternative to directives for spoilers.

[ spoiler text here]{.spoilers}

spoiler text here (could be multiple paragraphs)

This is untrue; we would continue to rely on BBCode for that sort of quote metadata, as we do now. We will switch to CommonMark after the spec for v1 is stabilized. Extensions will be dealt with later, we have far more fundamental work to do at the moment.

And… CommonMark support is now enabled here: Discourse is migrating to CommonMark!


That’s a wrap, then.