IRC Channel useful?

I know it’s very 1990 but would anyone see this as being useful for discussing spec and/or implemention stuff?


freenode or glitter?

I would definitely go for gitter:

But better, I would like to see to have something like gitter integrated into discourse.

huh, I’d never heard of this, looks very cool.

I’d rather have IRC, or an XMPP MUC room if you care about being “modern”. We could also have both, bridged together, which is not uncommon.

I -1 the proposed propietary solution, glitter. I’d rather stick to standard stuff, especially when what we’re trying to discuss here is a public standard (it would be rather unusual do discuss a public standard using some propietary backend as a means of communication, don’t you think?).

Sound a bit cumbersome to use IRC to discuss standards. Since you can only really post line by line.