How to properly theme it?

I want all the element so it can be themed properly .
Is there any list of element or sample themes ? Google search returns non.

Markdown is primarily processed into HTML. Markdown may also contain raw HTML.

Therefore, if you’d like to theme content generated from Markdown, you’ll need to style any and all html elements.

You can find all of them in the HTML5 specification.

@zzzzBov ofcoz , that is obvious. I understand how it processed into HTML but list of elements that markdown uses only would be nice.
What i am doing now is

.parent-of-md > * {


So i am looking for cleaner and more customizable way.

I’m not sure you understood what I’m saying, when you continue with:

In fact, I’m certain that you really haven’t understood what I was saying, so I will try to be more clear.

Markdown uses literally every HTML element, and supports every HTML element that doesn’t even exist yet.

If I were to write:



dolor sit amet

markdown will pass the table elements right through.

And if I were to write:



dolor sit amet

markdown will pass the custom <foo-bar> element right through.

So if you want a list of elements, the list is all the elements, which as I said before is part of the HTML spec.

No , i enable htmlSafe flag of Markdown :

safe: if true, raw HTML will not be passed through to HTML output (it will be replaced by comments),
and potentially unsafe URLs in links and images (those beginning with javascript:, vbscript:, file:,
and with a few exceptions data:) will be replaced with empty strings.

seriously whats the point of using markdown if we have to write RawHTML Text (useless if it isn’t generated form something).

So i am only looking for only of those non-HTML , elements of markdown.

That is an entirely different question. As far as I’m aware markdown allows the following elements to be generated from non-HTML syntax:

  • a
  • blockquote
  • code
  • em
  • h1 - h6
  • hr
  • img
  • li
  • ol
  • p
  • pre
  • strong
  • ul

Extensions have been proposed for a variety of others.

There may never be an “official Markdown theme,” but GitHub provides stylesheets for rendering GitHub Flavored Markdown.

Or, you could use an HTML/CSS theme that was designed for purposes other than Markdown – such as Universal IE6 CSS. (Blog post, online demo and Google Code page.)

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