How do I conveniently write journal in CommonMark and read it?


I was looking for a way to keep journal on computer.
It has to be searchable, contain images, and survive a very very long time.
I want to be able to conveniently search and read past journal entries that I wrote decades ago.
Although tags are desirable, it is not essential because I can just search for text.

Web apps and mobile apps may not survive even a decade or two, so I started looking for document formats with open specifications.

It is not easy to search lots of .odf files, but I can just extract texts from plaintext CommonMark files.
It seems CommonMark fits my criteria. I can write in CommonMark, but there is no easy way to conveniently search and read journal on my machine.

Is there a software that helps me with keeping journal in CommonMark?


You could use a text editor with a Markdown preview mode (such as Atom Editor). I don’t believe it’s CommonMark compliant, but close enough for your purposes. If you logically group the various journal entries and their images into folders, you could load the whole parent folder into the editor for searching across the entire journal.