Horizontal rules inside unordered lists

I was recently running pandoc to convert some HTML, which contained something like this:


Pandoc produced this:

-   foo

    * * * * *

This example has fairly little agreement on how to interpret it. Pandoc and several others interpret it the same way, and the same way as the original HTML that I had. Others interpret it at a setext heading followed by a code block, some others as a list with the second element empty, followed by a code block. I can see how those interpretations would each come about, based on precedence of different rules.

The commonmark 0.26.0 interpretation seems surprising to me; it interprets it as 2 separate lists, one with the second element empty, the other containing a single element containing a horizontal rule. I’m having a hard time figuring out how you could get this result; if the first list ended, I would expect the indented line containing asterisks to just be interpreted as a code block. If the first list did not end, I would expect the horizontal rule to be contained in the second element of the first list.

I think, according to my reading of the spec, that the pandoc interpretation is the correct one, but I wanted to make sure.

This example came about when trying to run curl http://words.steveklabnik.com/structure-literals-vs-constructors-in-rust | pandoc -f html -t markdown > /tmp/test.md; rustdoc --test /tmp/test.md, in order to run some test cases extracted from a web page. rustdoc was interpreting the horizontal rule as a code block, and thus producing a spurious test failure, but before filing a ticket against rustdoc or its Markdown parser, I wanted to check to see what the interpretation of this line should be.

You’re right in your interpretation of the spec. This is an implementation bug, I think (in both cmark and commonmark.js, which use the same parsing algorithm). I’ll have to look into what’s going on here, but it would be helpful to have a bug report at jgm/cmark or jgm/commonmark.js.

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Filed an issue against cmark.

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