Ghostwriter: A new Markdown editor for Windows and Linux with CommonMark support

Hi everyone!

I’ve recently released ghostwriter, which is a new Markdown editor for Windows and Linux. You can view its website here:

If you install the latest Pandoc (which has CommonMark support) or cmark, the application will automatically detect them so long their locations are in your system’s PATH environment variable. Once detected, the application will offer them (including Pandoc’s CommonMark rendering) as options to render a live HTML preview, or to export to other file formats. It can likewise detect MultiMarkdown, Discount, and older versions of Pandoc.

When the CommonMark spec reaches version 1.0.0, I hope to have the syntax highlighting favor CommonMark more. Right now, it’s rather loose to accommodate different Markdown flavors. Also, Sundown is currently built into the application as a default, and I hope to do the same with cmark once I figure out how to integrate cmake into the Qt build process.

Please take it for a spin! It’s open source (i.e. FREE). It currently only has a Windows setup.exe, but I am working toward deb and RPM packages. Hopefully I’ll make friends with a Debian maintainer soon. :smile: In the meantime, if you are on Linux, just follow the instructions to build on the application’s GitHub page. You’ll need the Qt 4.8 or 5.2+ libraries installed, including the one for WebKit.



Could you create a portable version (Leaves no trace of running)?

Thank You.

Hi RoyiA,

Yes, there is already a portable edition up on the download page. I placed all the Qt libraries and the ghostwriter executable into a folder and zipped it, so you can take it with you to any Windows machine. Also, ghostwriter does not write its settings to the registry. In the portable edition, they will be written to the data folder within the ghostwriter folder, including new themes you create.

If you want to do the same on Linux, just build it, create a data folder in the same folder as the ghostwriter executable, and likewise put Linux Qt libraries into the folder (unless these already exist on the machine on which you will be running it). It will store settings to the data folder you created, rather than to ~/.config.

Happy writing!


@wereturtle, So now all needed is a full support in Math Equations using MathJax.
Could you add that?

From my experience, the Math Support in StackEdit is perfect!
If you could reproduce it, it would be amazing

Thank You.