Footnotes and indentation

While trying to implement footnotes, what would be the best indentation rules for continuation? Should it be done a bit similar to the way CommonMark is already working for list?

PHP Markdown Extra and Pandoc for example require a fixed indentation of a tab, but in the philosophy of CommonMark shouldn’t we indent on the first non-whitespace char following the [^xxx]:

This is a text[^1]

[^1]: This is footnote
      > This is quote block

Tis is not a continuation

If lazy continuation works for footnotes, shouldn’t it work the same for normal reference link definitions?

Oops, sorry for the confusion. It is about regular continuation not lazy (I have edited my original post)

The problem is that the footnote reference markers can be quite long. (I often use fairly descriptive ones, not just numbers.) So I think doing it the way pandoc does makes the most sense.

ah, I was suspecting this, without having using much them so far, so that make sense, thanks!

Implementations could consider the label, maybe including the square brackets, to be a fixed length, say 3 characters, no matter its actual length, and then apply the usual indentation rules.