Fenced blockquote


Allow this syntax

quoting a parent, and their code

class Foo {

is still part of the quote

or this

hello world

my name is hal

would generate

   <p>hello world</p>
   <p>my name is hal</p>

it’s fundamentaly equivalent to just writing

> hello world

> my name is hal

which of course is simple enough in that use case but if you were copying multiple paragraphs from an alternate source in a tiny web text editor, it might be hard to go back and add > at the correct points.

I could swear I’ve done this in an existing markdown implementation, but I’m not sure which one. I wouldn’t mind if this were part of the core spec, but I’m assuming that maybe things need to be extensions first?


Just for the record, this is (or used to be) supported on Gitlab and was apparently inherited from Redcarpet which is a Ruby binding of Sundown which was based upon Upskirt alias libsoldout, although I cannot find this syntax extension mentioned in the documentation of any of them. Also, no implementation featured in Babelmark 2 or 3 handles this as proposed (at least without an optional extension).


I’ve added the proposed alternative syntax extensions to the list of proposed extensions.

I think this would be a useful extension for authors who quote long sections of text. However, a good editor could add or remove the > character to/from the start of every paragraph with a keyboard shortcut. This is arguably more readable than scrolling up to find the start of a large block (which could cover several pages). Perhaps effort should be directed at enhancing editors instead? Given that the existing blockquote syntax is already supported by every implementation, that might be preferable.