Feature request for line returns in URLs


I did read that

Please note the CommonMark spec is currently frozen with respect to features, but there are supersets of or extensible implementations of CommonMark that may support what you need.

But I still think I need to tell that it would be nice to be able to split long URLs on multi-lines.
(My goal is to have lines with at most 70 characters for easier printing.
But I also have URLs that may exceed a limit of 120 characters, etc.)
For example with a backslash :

[PyPI-version-badge]: https://img.shields.io/pypi/v/\

The fun fact is that this example works with pandoc since it inserts a %0A in the URL
and shields.io is clever enough to ignore the %0A in the URL.
But markdown-it will fail on this.
And both pandoc and markdown-it will fail on other variants like 2 spaces at end of line, etc.

Best regards,
Laurent Lyaudet