EOL characters weirdness

I have a .md file with CRLF end of line, except one line that ends with a CR only. This line is followed by an empty line, that is CRLF only, to signal the paragraph end.
The file is here

The CR is interpreted as softbreak, that’s OK, but the parser don’t see the following end of paragraph and joins the two paragraphs together.

Currently I call the parser with the following options: CMARK_OPT_NORMALIZE | CMARK_OPT_VALIDATE_UTF8 | CMARK_OPT_SMART
Seems this happens even if I add CMARK_OPT_HARDBREAKS or remove CMARK_OPT_NORMALIZE.

The spec says (pag. 4) that a CR alone is a valid line end, so I don’t understand where the following CRLF is gone.

The fix is trivial, simply edit the file changing the guilty EOL, but who knows where in the heap of files lurks another lone CR.

Thanks for looking!

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Fixed now in the dev version. Thanks for the report!

OK, done. BTW it happens also with the latest cmark 0.25.1