Emoji support, like in JIRA?

Hi, I’m here as a user, not as a developer. As a user, I would love things like table support, and, as I have written previously, some way to write lists without having a list indicator character for every single line. CSS support (e.g. a shorthand for creating a with an associated class) would also be great for e.g. control of text color and fonts.

And here’s another: I love JIRAs basic support for emojis and icons. I understand that this may lead to additional requirements like hosting images or embedding a font or something (my insight into CSS is shallow), so I’ll not suggest how to implement this. However, I assume emoji support would be welcome for certain user groups. In my current use case, I would like to include JIRAs (i) and (!) for icons in Markdown-formatted log files that are shared between users and developers.

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Many emojis are Unicode characters. You just need a font that can display them.


An element that is functionally the opposite of an image would be preferable, preferring the symbol to displaying a fallback image if the font did not support the character.


The most common syntax for emoji is :emoji_name:. Everything else is custom extensions.

If js implementation is ok for you, look at https://github.com/markdown-it/markdown-it-emoji.


This might be faster and easier to support as a post-processor to markdown.

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True, but it is also useful to produce or store content on systems that do not have these fonts, while allowing maintenance and readability.

It is also useful for the content to still render losslessly in environments without such fonts.

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