Do you know of any standalone commonmark editors with good paper or pdf output?

I am using pandoc rendering to pdf. However I do find that Libre office is still useful for writing quick documentations with nice PDF output.

What I wish there was, was that Libre office has a mode where you can select document templates and write commonmark documents.

But is this something already baked?

I am thinking however of seeing if I can make a suggestion for libre office to have a “template” writing mode, where we can write commonmark and have it generate a document (Bonus points if we can switch between the two mode, but still keep the full wysiwyg ability of embedding images and stuff…).

Not sure if it solves your needs or not, but Versatil Markdown is decent at printing. Does not generate page numbers or anything like that, but I think the output looks pretty good. And you can tweak the stylesheet to change the printing style.

Fair disclosure: I’m the author of Versatil Markdown

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I write my markdown texts using VS Code with some interesting extensions. This because I use the same editor for coding. Then for printing I use pandoc to convert markdown to DOCX or directly to PDF adding citations. If could be useful for you, I could share the script that wraps pandoc.

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I created PanWriter for these kinds of cases :slight_smile: