Dingus variant to create complete html file

I like Dingus except that it does not create a complete html file.

I would like something like a webpage with a file chooser for input and a file chooser for output which would read a file on my hard drive and write there as well. Or just require me to copy in and copy out manually, like on Dingus, except that it would produce a complete html file.

I appreciate that there are downloads I could install but after looking at that stuff it just seems like complications…

I will be happy with just advice too.

Thanks for your hard work doing all of this.

Dingus is only meant as a demo, and a way to experiment with and discuss CommonMark syntax.

What you are looking for is an online Markdown editor.


I am using BBEdit now. But it does not have a Markdown
language module available. That would provide syntax
highlighting. That would be enough, for now anyway. I
think I can just eyeball it once I master Markdown. Then
view it on Github. It will suffice.

An alternative suggestion for Dingus: add a button to copy
the html output window contents to the clipboard. That would
be extremely useful.

I’m happy either way. But it does seem like you have
developed a “Mr. Fusion” device and connected it to
a coffee brewer instead of a DeLorean.

Thanks for you help!

Unless you like using a generic plain text editor BBEdit, I’d recommend you use a Markdown specific one. I use Typora, which gives me a WYSIWYG view, and a view to the underlying Markdown when I need it. You enter text using Markdown syntax, so it’s the best of both worlds.

If you’re using GitHub, I recommend you use GitHub’s conventions for internal links to headings. That convention consistent with the most popular way heading anchor links are supported by other tools (e.g. Typora and Markdown-base web-publishing tools).

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OK! Thanks for the info. I am archiving your post for reference.

BTW, I don’t like BBEdit. I am in love. Bare Bones Software
relies on individual contributors to create “Language Modules”
so if anyone wants Fame without Fortune, creation of
a CommonMark Language Module for BBEdit is a huge
opportunity. I just use their Freeware version – for 10+ years(?)