Difficult on understanding Laziness

Laziness, As one of the features of Block Quote, I can’t understand it well. Because the description is so f–king difficult.

They said,

  • Laziness. If a string of lines Ls constitute a block quote with contents Bs, then the result of deleting the initial block quote marker from one or more lines in which the next non-whitespace character after the block quote marker is paragraph continuation text is a block quote with Bs as its content. …

is Anybody here who can explain what this sentence mean? I tried over minutes and hours, but have no idea. it’s just look like spaghetti code which sometimes I made. I can feel what laziness is by examples but I need clear definition for parsing implementation.

ps - I’m really sorry for your effort but I think we need to make this clean to make people understand well. you know, simple is best, right?

In addition, What is the goal or purpose for Laziness of block quotes?
I cannot feel any necessary about laziness, but I think there are any reason why it’s on spec. Could you share it for me?

I found relative topic, Spec section 5.1: Ref-impl bug and/or unclear spec?

But I couldn’t find acceptable reason for using Laziness rule. I mean, I feel this rule is strange, not clear, unintelligible… but only for laziness of writer? omg…

That laziness, anyway, only works for a paragraph, that mean, on the other blocks, it always needs a front block quote marker.
Too much complexity for little convenience, isn’t it?
And this mean that writer’s experiences of Block Quote are different between paragraph and other block types. I think unified experience is very important for editing.

So, I totally disagree with this rule, but really I want to know about other perspectives.

I believe these decisions were made in the first version of Markdown, when it was being created by Gruber and Swartz.

That’s right, this has been in Markdown from the beginning.

It does cause lots of difficulties in writing a clear spec. But if you want an informal (and vaguer) description of laziness, see John Gruber’s original Markdown syntax documentation.

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